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2:47pm 03-21-2023
Douglas Browne
Are you still running. I have two young dogs I'd like to do kennel club bronze training with. Thanks Doug
9:36am 12-12-2020
Stuart Bennett
I have just adopted a small/medium cross breed dog (estimated 2 years old, but I think less - behaves like a puppy) and she needs some good training. When do you expect to start classes please?
3:54pm 03-23-2020
Linda Collett
I am sure you have done the right thing in cancelling the classes. we shall carry on with our training and look forward to being able to come again when this horror story is finally under some sort of control.
3:32pm 10-13-2019
Claire Barnes
Hi. I took some pictures at the Emsworth Show (such a hot day) and was wondering if I could send them on to you
11:33am 08-29-2019
Sasha Harding
I have a very bright but not very brave Jack Russel, he needs some stimulation/challenges. He's 3 years and very well behaved though obvs quiye stubborn at times. He's has done flyball basics. Do you have an agility class or suchlike he could join?
3:11pm 08-28-2019
Christine Hartridge
I am interested in your agility courses for my 16 month old terrier. Please send details.
3:10pm 08-28-2019
Christine Hartridge
I am interested in your agility coursed for my 16 month-old terrier. Please send details. Thank you.
9:33am 07-05-2019
Orien Prints
Hi, We are providing colour PVC banners 5ft,3ft at TWO for £ 29 with
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9:04am 06-09-2019
Michelle Poulton
Hi I’m interested in joining your classes.
I have an eleven month old cavapoo, we have done a puppy class and a bit of
Other training.
9:25am 01-24-2019
Hello, I have a soon to be 1 year old border collie and looking into some agility training! I was wondering if you could help me out and tell me more thank you.
8:26am 11-02-2018
Jenny mcdonald
Hello, I just wanted to know if you can help me with training for my rescue gsd. Do you have a 121 class.
Look forward to hearing from you regards Jenny
11:45am 09-22-2018
Lynda Close
Hello all,
I have very recently taken a 15 month old pure bred Labrador from Rescue having had to put our last boy to sleep in early July. I attended your classes in the past with one of our previous boys. This new boy really needs a lot of training, especially walking on a lead. I see that the block of 8 classes is already part way through, but would appreciate a chat to see what the options are. Many thanks Lynda
Replied on: 6:27pm 09-22-2018

Please contact Brenda at

3:54pm 09-14-2018
Ron Tate
Bedhampton Summer Show are looking at options for 2019. The Show is on Sat pm 6th July. Would you be interested/available in taking part? If so, how do you arrange your fee/expenses?
Replied on: 7:40pm 09-14-2018

Please contact Brenda at


10:15am 09-09-2018
Sarah Haynes
I have recently moved to the area and am looking to continue agility classes with my 9yo lab. We have been doing agility since Fran this year and have mastered the basics. I would love to have a chat to see if there are any classes that we could join.
Thanks in advance, look forward to hearing from you.
2:22pm 09-03-2018
Martin Ryan
Hi there, I am enquiring about dog agility for my 14 month old border collie. Would like to chat to some about training, training times, cost etc. Thanks Martin Ryan
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