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11:15am 08-28-2018
Elspeth Dixon
I have a year old cockerpoo who I would like to do agility with please can you let me know when your classes are and if there is any availability many thanks Elly
Replied on: 9:08pm 08-29-2018

Please contact Brenda at


3:40pm 07-24-2018
Hi, I have 2 three year old crosses that need me to be better trained. Is there space for me and one or my son and I with both dogs in the September Monday evenings? Do you recommend training them separately? How much for the sessions please?
Many thanks, Tess
3:03pm 06-05-2018
Rebecca Donnelly
I wonder if you can give me some more information please about your agility classes. I have a very high energy 18mth old cavapoo.
My location is clanfield.

Many thanks and hope to hear from you soon

Rebecca Donnelly
6:59am 06-05-2018
Joanne Cole
Please could you send me some information about your puppy training classes. My Cavachon is 9 weeks.

Thank you Joanne
11:41am 06-03-2018
Gillian Rough
Hi, m,y query is with reference to the Dog Show on the 24th June 2018, we would be interested in having a stall at the event, we do custom printed mugs,coasters, worktop protectors and much more. Could you give me more information please ie the cost of setting up a stall for the dat.


2:49pm 05-24-2018
Karen Bonnett
I saw an advert for in my vets for dog training and I would like to discuss this with you as we have just adopted a rescue dog and would like to start training as soon as possible.
5:44pm 05-14-2018
Jill Newberry
I was given your details from a friend and wonder if I could talk to someone re one to one training . I was given a phone number from one of your clients but it doesn't seem to be correct.
Thanks. Jill
11:57am 04-05-2018
Beth Parker

I made contact on your event page in early March, Mo Clarke made contact but not heard anything since. I would like to attend with my stall Rockin Rustic
Are you still taking booking for stallholders?
11:51am 04-05-2018
Jeanie Moir

I received an invite from Maureen Clarke earlier this year to the Superpet Dog Show on 24 June. I responded I would in early March but haven't heard anything from anyone since.

Are you still taking booking for stallholders? I would love to bring my Doggie Doodahs stall along again.

Kind regards
Jeanie Moir
6:00am 04-03-2018
Caroline Key
Dear Homestead DTC
I am contacting you to ask for your help in bringing this information to the members of your club.
Dog theft has risen by nearly 25% in the last 3 years; currently over 60 dogs are known to be stolen every week in England and Wales. Less than 5% of the cases result in prosecution. On average 1 in 3 dogs will go missing at some stage in their lives, even if for a short while, and according to Petlog, only 75% of missing dogs are reunited (Petlog figures being for dogs with up-to-date microchip details). Many of the others are kept by finders – theft by finding.
The theft of pets is currently treated in law in the same way as theft of “chattels” – putting the same value on our family members as a TV or mobile phone. We want the government to make the theft of pets a crime in its own right, with penalties reflecting the anguish caused by loss of a family member. The response to our petition so far – “The guidelines take account of the emotional distress and therefore harm that theft of personal items such as a pet”...
A pet is not a personal item – they are family! Please, would you be able to ask your members to sign the petition, and help to stop the massive increase in dog theft?
Many thanks for your help,
Caroline (still looking for Rags, stolen nearly 7 years ago)
10:38pm 03-20-2018
Julie Mattock
Hi, I’m checking to see if you have any spaces left on the Beginners course starting on 30th April for an 8 month old border terrier?

Many thanks

3:48pm 03-13-2018
Rhiannon Stonehouse

I was wondering when your next puppy training classes will start?

Many thanks
5:26pm 03-09-2018
Sam Flint
Hello. I was enquiring whether you could attend our Summer Fair this year with your dog agility team. Its been a few years since you performed for us and we would love for you to come back. The Fair is on Saturday 7th July 1pm - 4pm and we would ask you to perform first at 1.30pm. Look forward to hearing from you. Sam
8:15pm 03-07-2018
Gina Turner
Evening,I have a Cavapoo puppy named Cora 10 weeks old and would like to know when your next puppy classes begin?you come highly recommended! Gina and Cora Turner
11:14am 02-14-2018
Our cocker poo is 14 weeks old world like to do some training with him and so is socialising him with other dogs as at the moment when we out walking he berks at every dog and human how much is your class & when do they start please. Linda
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