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9:20am 02-02-2018

We have two beagles, 6 and 20 months respectively, who would love to do some agility (in between sniffing). The 6 year old has some past experience but the younger pooch will be a newbie! Please send us some info on your agility classes. Many thanks, Jo
11:19am 01-28-2018
Hi there. You have been recommended to me by Baggy's owner.

I would like to improve my 13 month old tyme English bulldogs obedience.

Could you advise best class, availability, day, time and cost please.

With thanks and best regards
10:49pm 12-09-2017
Katie Jacobs
We are looking for a dog class for our 6yr old Patterdale /Parsons Terrier.
Best Wishes
Katie Jacobs
1:38pm 12-08-2017
Val Green
Hello, we are two wheaten terriers looking to advance our agility skills - appreciate it wont start again till Easter but would we need to put our names down now? thanks Luna & Leo
9:06am 11-11-2017
Jeannette Weald
Hi I have a 5mth old pup and would be interested in obedience and also the agility at a later date. Could you please let me know dates of next obedience classes please and also price? Thankyou
7:13pm 11-07-2017
Hello there,

I hope you are well and don’t mind me getting in touch?

I work as a talent scout for Thames TV in London and I came across your website.

I was really intrigued by your dog agility classes and would love to find out a little more about the dogs you teach! It would be great to potentially speak with you about a TV opportunity.

Do let me know if this might be of interest?

Best wishes,


Kind regards,

2:32pm 06-27-2017
I am interested in your Agility classes on Saturday mornings. I was at your show last Sunday and a lady there recommended your 12pm Advanced class? I have a 2 year old Lurcher who is confident with all the equipment , has an excellent recall and is polite and friendly with other dogs. I am looking for some further fun Agility training for her. I also have a friend with a Lurcher (also experienced in Agility) who might also be interested in coming along if you have the space?
5:08pm 06-26-2017
Margaret Bone
Thank you for a great show on Sunday! It must take an awful lot of organisation and I'm sure you are all exhausted but from a "punter's" point of view, it was well worth it! Thank you. I don't suppose a red dog harness was handed in? I think I must have dropped it between the car park and the field. Thanks. Margaret
5:01pm 06-26-2017
Linda Marland
I have a 9 yr old GSD who has done agility for fun since a puppy. I moved to Waterlooville this year and have been unable to find anywhere to do this. I heard of your show at QE Country Park on Sunday but was unable to make it. Please advise me of details of any agility classes we could try.Many thanks, Linda
7:50pm 06-23-2017
I am interested in enrolling in the upcoming puppy class. Do you accept puppies after their first vaccination at 8 weeks old? I would have to miss the first session on the 27th but could attend thereafter.
11:59am 06-22-2017
Leanne turner
My name is Leanne Turner and I am a local vet physio. I am currently doing an offer for agility dogs which I don't know if you or any of your clients would be interested in. I am offering musculoskeletal checks for £15 when booked for 4 dogs or more. The check will be approx. 30 mins and will include gait analysis, palpation of muscle symmetry and tone and joint range of motion. Advice will then be given accordingly. Please let me know if this is of any interest to you or your clients . I look forward to hearing from you and thank you for your time. Leanne
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